Great to see 'Betrayed' on the Crime, Mystery and Thriller table at Waterstones - Walton on Thames, alongside  doyens such as Lee Child, Ann Cleeves and Robert Galbraith ( aka JK Rowling)!  



June 2019

Great review - 'Can't wait for the next book to turn up. Gripping page turner from cover to cover - you wont be disappointed if you like Ian Rankin or James Patterson - just buy it.'

September 2019

Betrayed – How long did it take to write?

I have been asked on a number of occasions how long it took to write my first novel – Betrayed. It is quite difficult to answer this question as I had been writing the novel in my head for a number of years. By the time I sat down to type it, I had over 80% in my head in quite some detail. So the typing didn’t actually take me too long, probably only 3 or four months bearing in mind that I didn’t sit down every day to write. The editing took about the same length of time, but that is the fun bit, making sure it all hangs together and that all the clues and links tie up to a satisfactory conclusion by the end of the book. I even added an additional character towards the end to make it more interesting.

A better guide for length of time will be the next Will Slater novel - Revenge - which is well on the way to completion. This has not been written in my head over many years and I started actually writing it as soon as I had conceived the skeletal idea of the book. Some of the characters are the same which speeds up the thinking process. The most difficult aspect of writing Betrayed was the ending. For Revenge, I knew what the ending was when I started, so the challenge was to get there is a sensible manner.

So the answer to the question is probably about 9 months but that is at my speed which will be different to other authors.

September 2021

New novel - Revenge - is well on its way. Hopefully published for Christmas - make a good Christmas present! If you enjoyed Betrayed you will enjoy Revenge. 

This is the second Will Slater novel with a number of characters from the first book. Will and Jay Slater are back. They had  hoped that the traumas of the previous year were over. But an article in a newspaper reawakened old memories and hatreds and, once again, Will has become the target of some ruthless people.

Hiding in the depths of Scotland  Will has to discover who is trying to kill him.

Inspector Dawkin returns still suspicious of Will and his previous activities. Can he, this time, undercover the full truth?

December 2021

Here it is  - the new Will Slater novel -  Revenge. Can Will Slater and his old adversary Inspector Dawkin find out who wants to kill Will and seek the ultimate revenge?

February 2022

Great news - Revenge will shortly be out in audible, so you will be able to listen to Will Slater's latest exploits in the train, in the car, in the gym or just  in bed. More news on how to buy it soon.

May 2022

Revenge is now published as an audiobook. It is read by Nigel Slaughter, who has overcome the challenges of various Scottish voices, with great success.

If you are not yet an AudibleListener try this one, or even the sample, as it is fast moving and will get you through whatever you are doing. Link is below:


August 2022

Working on the next Will Slater novel - Fraud. An insight into big business and the accountancy profession!

August 2022

 Great review from https://Audiobookreviewer.com  Check it out.

May 2023

New novel  -Fraud - will be out later this year.

Another Will Slater crime thriller involving a huge fraud in an enormous international company . The company's business is household and nuclear waste recycling. Throughout the book, the story builds the picture of the world's immense problem in this murky, primarily unregulated area of waste disposal. A world where the West just wants to get rid of its waste with little concern about where it ends up and a world where power and politics still prevail. The Slaters and their old adversary, Inspector Dawkin,  discover  a labyrinth of interconnecting frauds and falsifications.

The company will do everything to hide the truth and the Slaters become the target of  a deadly assassin. They must expose the frauds before  the assassin catches them.