'An atmospheric,twisty and explosive tale. A cracking read.'


 - Mark Leggatt author of Names of the Dead and the Silk Road

Synopsis of Revenge

Will Slater had hoped that the terrifying experience in helping to break up a terrorist arms gang was buried in the past. However, a newspaper article questioning the disappearance of the terrorist money awakened old memories and hatred. Hiding in a remote Scottish glen in an ancient mansion with his wife Jay, Will discovers that the house also has secrets that he must unravel.

Unaware that a contract had been placed on his life from inside prison, he has become the target of ruthless killers once again. Convinced that he is being constantly watched and fearful for his family's life, Will realises that he must take action himself if they are to survive. Unwittingly helped by his old adversary Inspector Dawkin, both men converge on the truth that will finally reveal who is seeking revenge.

Now, also, published as an audiobook and read by the talented Nigel Slaughter. Try the link below and give it a try:



Synopsis of Betrayed


Will Slater, a London lawyer, cannot trust anyone he knows. Under suspicion from both the the police and SO15 for two murders and running a business supplying arms to terrorists, he must find out who has betrayed him.

His enquiries make him a target as he finds himself caught between an Eastern European gang of arms dealers and whoever is behind the whole operation. His journey takes him to the Highlands of Scotland, Mallorca and the Virgin Islands before culminating in London, where the truth is finally revealed.